120 mn
# 57.


Inner Conflict - Anzünden (Santa Diabla / Raccoone Records)
Anti-Everything - No Precision
Consensus Madness - Animosity (Iron Lung Records)
Grisaille - Ton souvenir (Symphony of Destruction)
Mentalité 81 - La France du futur (Offside Records)
Maria Tarey - Enfermé Dehors
Jodie Faster - 10 Years That Were Seven (Don't Trust The Hype recordz / TNS Records)
Corrupt Vision - Send In The Drones (Don't Trust The Hype recordz / TNS Records)
Minor Threat - In My Eyes (Dischord Records)
SS Decontrol - Boiling Point (Trust Records)
Lame - Almas Muertas (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Tozcos - Presos (Quality Control HQ)
Inflicter - Questions of Principle
Destiny Bond - Headspin (Convulse Records)
Sidewalk Surfers - A D H D
Desert Dogs - Shift The Profits
Sweat - Wannabe
Groggy Rude - Serà perquè t'estimo
Batec - Sota Les Llums
Fuerza Bruta - Cotidiano Villero (Mendeku Diskak)
Intimidation - Total Aggression (Try And Stop Me Records)
Skinhead - Sick Cunts (Closed Casket Activities)
The Hope Conspiracy - A Struggle For Power (Deathwish Inc.)
Human Garbage - Join Or Die! (Creator-Destructor Records)
New World Man - The Beast Is Back (Streets of Hate)
Sentinel - Avenge (Convulse Records)
Socialstyrelsen - Kafferep Och Känghäng (Halvfabrikat Records)
Brute Force Trauma - Mening Och Mål (Halvfabrikat Records
Endless Swarm - Delusions in Crisis (To Live a Lie / Coxinha Records)
World I Hate - Ghandi Trap (War Records)
Speed - One Blood We Bleed (Flatspot Records)
Argue - Ephemeral Paths Divider
No Cure - Blunt Force Love Song
Embrace Your Punishment - Oppression (Lacerated Enemy Records)
Great Falls - Trap Feeding (Neurot Recordings)
Herod - The Edifice (Pelagic Records)
Ufomammut - Vibrhate (Supernatural Cat)
Full Of Hell and Nothing - Spend The Grace s (Closed Casket Activities)
Mortem A Solis - Ainsi l'Oiseau Danse

Concerts Annoncés

Samedi 13 janvier

Argüe + Origin’Hell + Marvinz Troma à la Brasserie Skumenn (Cesson-Sévigné)

Vendredi 21 & Samedi 22 Juin 2024

Superbowl of Hardcore Festival