# 68

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# 68


Intenable - Clemi2000 (Disque Ardent)
Prise Rapide - A contrecœur (Dirty Slap Records / Yoyodyne Records)
Hot Water Music - Menace (End Hits Records)
One Step Closer - Leap Years (Run For Cover Records)
Omsorg - Echoes
Foscø - Inercia
Noah And The Loners - Crash Landing (Marshall Records)
Bring The Light - Daily Denial (People of Punk Rock Records)
U.K. Subs & Dead Boys - For Your Love (Cleopatra Records)
Blatoidea - Blast It Out (Katabomb Records)
Disturbance - Down In Flames (Katabomb Records)
Lion's Law - Idées Noires (Une vie pour rien Vinyles)
Bootlicker - Mercy Dog (Neon Taste Records)
Malignant Order - Like Insects (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
Sect Mark - Synchronicity (Iron lung Records)
No Model - Your Life In America (Kill Yellow Fever Records)
Corrective Measure - Two Sides Same Coin (Refuse Records)
Anklebiter - Tempest (Delayed Gratification Records)
Prevention - Internalized (Delayed Gratification Records)
Wreckage - More to This (Scheme)
Insanity Alert - Moshemian Thrashody (Season of Mist)
Burning Lord - Clip My Wings (Streets of Hate)
Electric Press - Mass Hysteria (TNS Records)
Frontstab - Blame Yourself
Control  - Karma
187 - Aqui Quem Manda É Noix!
Beyond the Kraken - Kraken
Loyal to the Grave - Striving Higher (Triple B Records)
Extinguish - One Less Enemy (Daze Records)
Ancst - Armed With Depise (Lifeforce RecordsYehonala Tapes)
Aborted - Death Cult
Gatecreeper - Caught In The Treads
Ufomammut - Leeched (Neurot Recordings)
Dool - The Shape of Fluidity (Prophecy Productions)


Jeudi 6 Juin

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