# 47 - Spéciale Superbowl of Hardcore

120 mn
# 47 - Spéciale Superbowl of Hardcore

Minibowl of Hardcore Festival

Samedi 3 juin au Skumen Brewpub (Cesson-Sévigné)

Superbowl of Hardcore Open Air 2023

Vendredi 30 Juin & Samedi 1 juin au Jardin Moderne (Rennes)

Minibowl Affiche superbowl



Black Mantra - Stand In Line
Pain Society - Remove My Face
Beyond the Kraken - Nuclear Winter
Overcome - Knock Down
Calcine - Blood Boil (Out of Thunes Records)
Pilori - De Guerre Lasse  (Terrain Vague / Coups de Couteau / Itawak Records)
Street Soldier - Nonce Killaz (Ultimate Annihilation)
Koyo - Ten Digits Away (Pure Noise Records)
Mindwar - Collective Compulsion (Triple B Records)
End It - Familia Finito (Flatspot Records)
Mourning - Unhonoured Prophecy (Northern Unrest / Street of Hate)
Bulldoze - Bulldoze (Triple B Records / Street of Hate / Daze)
Nasty - Declaring War (Century Media Records)
Shooting Daggers - Liar (New Heavy Sounds)
Spaced - Boomerang (New Morality Zine)
Buggin - Not Yours (Flatspot Records)
Combust - Pull the Hammer (Triple B Records)
Spy - Big Man (Triple B Records)
Ironed Out - No Lacking (Grey Rock Music)
Knuckledust - Kings and Toys (Time Won't Heal This Records)
Comeback Kid - No Easy Way Out (Nuclear Blast Records)
Drain - Devil's Itch (Epitaph Records)
Shades of War - Your End (Cold Iron Records)
Wiegedood - FN SCAR 16  (Century Media Records)
Amanda Woodward - Meurt la Soif (Destructure Records Stonehenge Records)
La Dispute - Rhodonite And Grief  (Epitaph Records)
Bregados - Siempre joven
Dave Lombardo - Journey of the Host (Ipecac Recordings)