# 46

120 mn
Collage playlist


Jeudi 11 Mai Crua + Violet Squad Au Melody Maker (Rennes)
Mercredi 17 Mai Fast Noz: Tøcard!  + Maria Tarey
+ Ruine
A l'Amrok (Rennes)
Vendredi 19 Mai Montagne + Tour Sombre
+ Gravats
A l'Amrok (Rennes)
Jeudi 25 Mai Aerial Salad + Cobra Jaune
+ The Playmatics
Au Ty Anna (Rennes)
Vendredi 26 et
Samedi 27 Mai
Les Rhinos Féroces #8 Au Zinor (Montaigu)
Du Jeudi 22 au
Samedi 24 Juin
The Morehell Open Air Festival A Bod Er Zant (Ploemeur)
Vendredi 6 &
Samedi 7 Octobre 
Festival Les Lunatiques Au Skumen Brewpub (Cesson-Sévigné)
& A l'Espace Le Goffic (Pacé)



The Playmatics - Dig This
Aerial Salad. - The Same 24 Hours (As Beyoncé) (Roach Industries)
Brutal Youth - Through the Teeth (Stomp Records)
Bruise Control - Dead on Arrival (TNS Records)
Ruine - Enfermés
Crua - Rastros
Good Cop - (Show Your Teeth) Bite Back (Prank Monkey Records)
People Look Like Dogs - Ductape My Dignity To A Firework (Prank Monkey Records)
Ясность  -  Напутствие  (Zegema Beach Records)
Tour Sombre - Souvenir
Gravats - Glorious Graveyard
Montagne - Noire est la piste (APB - Records / Abyssal Cult / Sleepy Dog Records / A la dérive Records /  Minga Records)
Decadencia - Sin Identidad
Illiterates - L.B.T.C. (Sorry State Records)
Engage - Ignorance on Parade (Last Ride Records)
In Time - Cross The Line (Indecision Records)
Dépit - Wojna (D.I.Y Koło Records)
Cross Control - Half Right (New Age Records)
Critical Times - Keepers of Groove
Street Power - As You Die (Crimewave Records)
Enforced - Ultra-Violence (Century Media Records)
Sidewinder - Cellrot (Devil's Clause Records)
Vamachara - How Long Until It Kills Me (Closed Casket Activities)
Teeth - EyesHornsMouth (Nuclear Blast Records)
Stormo - Endocannibalismo (Prosthetic Records)
Lo! - Salting The Earth (Pelagic Records)
Predatory Void - *(Struggling..)  (Century Media Records)
Wallowing - Flesh And Steel (Church Road Records)
Acid King - Beyond Vision (Blues Funeral Recordings)
Pelican - Pink Mammoth (Thrill Jockey Records)