# 65

120 mn
# 65


Snuff - Go Easy (SBÄM Records)
Totally Slow - Future Burns (Refresh Records)
Acid Snot - Rise (Lockjaw Records)
Drunktank - Kindle The Flame (Thousand Islands Records)
The Good The Bad and The Zugly - Walk Around The Porridge (Indie Recordings)
Kuma No Motor - Hago isilik (Dispear Records)
Suspex - Rebellion in Happiness
Cuir - Gast (Offside Records)
Bingo Crepuscule - Rester Vrai·e (Dirty Slap Records / L'ouïe Pleure)
Cran - Rejet (Une Vie Pour Rien Vinyles)
Cock Sparrer - Here We Stand (Pirates Press Records)
Ultra Razzia - Sanglantes Certitudes (Primator Crew)
Plizzken - On The Hunt (Pirates Press Records)
Conservative Military Image - Guilty Until Compliant (Triple B Records)
Peace Talks - Trash in America (Flyktsoda)
Dynamite - BTBDO (Quality Control HQ / Northern Unrest)
Planet on a Chain - Culture Of Death (Revelation Records)
Spiral. - This Feeling (DBNO Records)
Hardik - Wrath Anomaly (Greedy Dust Records)
Buio Omega - I Wanna Crash My Car (On Purpose) 
Misery Whip - Joke (Noise Merchant Records)
Scemo - Senza Più Parole Mute
Death Decline - Hollow (M&O Music)
Municipal Waste - Intervention (Nuclear Blast Records)
Skulld - Les Petroleuses (World Eater Records)
Rats in Paradise - Silent Life
Tituba - Ansiedad
Χωρίς Θάνατο - Χωρίς Θάνατο
Encierro - Foretold Future (Bad Habits Records)
Svdestada - Amargor (Fireflies Fall / Shove Records)
Sacrofuoco - Le ombre Intorno (Shove Records / Ripcord Records)
Heavenly Blue - Static Voice Speaks To Static Me (Secret Voice)
Deadly Vipers - Last Rise (Fuzzorama Records)
Eighty - Jiggle (Swap Productions)

Concerts Annoncés

Jeudi 25 Avril

Drunktank + Forgetaboutit + The Playmatic @ Ty Anna (Rennes)

Vendredi 26 & Samedi 27 Avril

Le Licorne Fest @ Brasserie Skumenn (Cesson-Sévigné)

Samedi 27 Avril

Short Days + Camelia Sinensis + Bingo Crepuscule + Brötchen des Todes @ Guiboubis (35)

Mardi 30 Avril

Ultra Razzia + Arezi + Enclume @ L'Uzine (Rennes)

Samedi 4 Mai

A.T.H. + Kuma No Motor + Maria Tarey @Melody Maker (Rennes)

Samedi 18 Mai

Festival Fury Dance @ Le Zinor (Montaigu)

Jeudi 30 Mai

Release Party Eigty @ Salle de la Cité (Rennes)

Vendredi 21 & Samedi 22 Juin

Superbowl of Hardcore Festival @Jardin Modern (Rennes)