# 45

120 mn
# 45

Concerts annoncés

Jeudi 28 avril The Datsuns + Druids of the Gué Charette à l'Hydrophone (Lorient)
Vendredi 28 Avril The Datsuns + Howard à l'Ubu (Rennes)
Vendredi 5 Mai Melmor + Capricörn + Druids of the Gué charette à l'Uzine (Rennes)



Truth Cult -  Heavy Water (Pop Wig Records)
Tiny Voices - The Treason Of The Couch (Useless Pride Records)
Codefendants - Abscessed (Bottles to the Ground / Fat Wreck Chord)
Knife Club - Stolen Focus (TNS Records)
Melonball - Sinking (Lock Jaw Records)
Scowl - Opening Night (Flatspot Records)
Poison Ruïn - Resurrection II (Relapse Records)
Howard - Heedless (Delta Fuzz Electronics)
The Datsuns - Ugly Leather (Hellsquad Records)
Druids of the Gué Charette - 5000 Ghosts (Leningrad By The Sea) (Beast Records)
Melmor - Gast!
All Borders Kill - Fascist Police (Mass Prod / Histrion du Son / Hecate Records / Kick Your Asso / Pourvu Xa Dure)
Staticlone - The Ghost (Six Feet Under Records)
Hiatus - End Is Near (Ruin Nation Records)
Pisscharge - Crecimiento Es Muerte (Mass Prod / Deviance Records)
Asidhara - Conditioned To Suffer (Nuclear Family Records)
Life of Crime - Another Day Another Death
Salt - Rats
Backfire! - Real Me (Rebellion Records)
Bad Blood - Apology Denied (Flatspot Records)
Initiate - Alone At The Bottom (Triple B Records)
Existence - So Close To Grace (Quality Control HQ)
Cave In - Moral Eclipse (Relapse Records)
Jesus Piece - Gates Of Horn (Century Media Records)
Skourge - Torrential Torment (Lockin' Out Records)
Celestial Sanctuary - Perpetual Annihilation (Church Road Records)
Willful Collapse - Willful Collapse
Sunrot - Gutter (Prosthetic Records)
Margarita - Khamsin
The Blood of Heroes - New Orleans (Ohm Resistance)