# 43

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# 43

Concerts annoncés

Jeudi 6 Avril Sworn Enemy + These Streets +
Worst Doubt - Critical Times
Le Jardin Modrene (Rennes)
Dimanche 9 Avril Hell on Earth: Unearth + Misery Index +
Year Of The Knife + Chuggaboom +
Hurakan + Virgil
The Black Lab (Wasquehal)
Lundi 10 Avril Hell on Earth: Unearth + Misery Index +
Year Of The Knife + Leach + Turbid North
La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris)
Vendredi 30 juin &
Samedi 1 Juillet
Superbowl of Hardcore Open Air 2023 au Jardin Moderne (Rennes)



Host - Tomorrow's Sky (Nuclear Blast Records)
Adrenochrome - The Knife (Symphony Of Destruction)
MSPAINT - Titan of Hope (Convulse Records)
Fake Names - Delete Myself (Epitaph Records)
Crim - Cançons de Mort (HFMN Crew / BCore Disc)
Ultra Razzia - Fracasse (Primator Crew)
Rival - Automarginación
7seconds - 99 Red Balloons (Trust Records)
Death Pill - Расцарапаю Ебало (New Heavy Sounds)
Exhibition - Bottom Feeder (Triple B Records)
Princess - Bad Luck (Crimewave Records)
Drill Sergeant - A Knife That Cuts (Refuse Records)
Speech Odd - Control (Coxinha Records)
Zulu - From Tha Gods To Earth (Flatspot Records)
Faim - Silver Spoon (Safe Inside Records)
Venomous Concept - Voices (Graphite Records)
Last Gasp - 1 of 15 (Cold Fade Records)
Bitter Truth - The Search (Cold Fade Records)
Going Off - Code of Conduct (Church Road Records)
Torena - Bleed (Daze)
Nothin But Enemies - V.T.A. (The Coming Strife Records)
Negative Frame - Irrigance (The Coming Strife Records)
Stamp Out - Hear Their Screams
These Streets - Hard Times
Sworn Enemy - Sworn Enemy (Elektra)
Living in Fear - Into The Cloud (Edgewood Records)
Eurydice - Eurydice
Embitter - Pen-and-paper Tracings (The Coming Strife Records)
Judiciary - Knife in the Dirt (Closed Casket Activities)
Year of the Knife - Victim (Pure Noise Records)
Chain Gang - Wrong One
Kruelty - Burn the System (Profound Lore Records)
Forest Pooky - Voice of Silence (Kicking Records)