120 mn

Concert annoncé

Vendredi 16 septembre Revecoeur + Masha + NEDS Melody Maker (Rennes)



Braindead - Shame, Horror, Despair (Mass Prod / Maloka / Fire and Flames Music / Pumpkin Records)
The Interrupters    As We Live (Hellcat Records)
Screeching Weasel - Tell Me Your Lies (Striped Music)
Stand Still - Trading Places (Daze / Triple B Records)
No Pressure - Hand in Hand (Triple B Records)
Ravi - Spent Years (Acouphènes Records / Opposite Prod)
Masha - Dolores
Crevecoeur - Cathedrale
Thick - Happiness (Epitaph Records)
Petrol Girls - Baby, I Had an Abortion (Hassle Records)
Comeback Clit - Cop Thrash (Toxic Wotsit Records)
Ättestor - Closure (Toxic Wotsit Records)
Long Knife - Curb Stomp Eart (Black Water Records / Beach Impediment Records)
Bad Breeding - Misdirection (One Little Independent Records / Iron Lung Records)
Cold Brats - Cli-Check-Mate (Convulse Records)
Gel - Predominant Mask (Convulse Records)
Spaced - Tear It Apart (New Morality Zine)
End It - Hatekeeper (Flatspot Records)
Snuffed - If You Resent (Another City Records)
World of Pleasure - Carbon Copy
Fixation - Purgatory (War Records)
Bulldoze - Nothing But a Beatdown
Fugitive - Maniac
Municipal Waste - Grave Dive (Nuclear Blast)
Machine Head - Chøke Øn The Ashes Øf Yøur Hate (Nuclear Blast)
Orthodox - Cave In (Century Media Records)
Candy - Human Condition Above Human Opinion (Relapse Records)
Wormrot - Behind Closed Doors (Earache Records)
Pilori - En Haut des Cimes (Terrain Vague / Coups de Couteau / Itawak Records)
Conjurer - Basilisk (Nuclear Blast)
Russian Circles - Conduit (Sargent House)
Firepit Collective - Farewell to the Crown