120 mn

Pour cette émission, on commence par du Punk puis Punk Hardcore Français, ensuite un peu de Post-Hardcore et après Metal et Metalcore. On enchainera avec du Hardcore, puis Hardcore un peu plus Death. On finira avec du Grind, Crust, Powerviolence.


Les Sheriff - Du Rock'n Roll dans ma bagnole (Kicking Records)
Les Cadavres - 7H23 (Archives De La Zone MondialeNineteen SomethingDirty Punk Records)
Infraktion - Les Jeux Sont Faits (Dirty Punk Records)
Cuir - Dégats (Offside Records)
Sordid Ship - Plage rouge (Primator Crew / Crapoulet Records / KLVR Records)
Komptoir Chaos - Trêve de Komptoir (Kanal Hysterik / Ronce Records / Maloka / KickYour Asso)
Reckless - L'odeur de la poudre
Social Experiment - Take A Look Around (Mass Prod / Maloka / Deviance Records)
Modern Life Is War - Survival (Deathwish Inc)
Junkbreed - The Thing (Raging Planet Records)
Helmet - In the Meantime (Live at Big Day Out) (Ear Music)
Killer Hill - Frozen Head
Sentinels - Tyrant (SharpTone Records)
Foreign Pain - Knell (Good Fight Music)
Devil In Me - War (Dead Serious Recordings)
Out For Justice - Locked N Loaded (Daze)
Connard - Loser (Disagree Records / Hardcoretrooper Records)
Terror - One With the Underdogs (War Records)
Gridiron - Helta Skelta (Triple B Records)
Sujera - Propaganda (10-54 Records)
Cavalerie - No Way Out (Delivrance Records)
Demonstration Of Power - Power (Northern Unrest)
Eternal Sleep - There Above (Closed Casket Activities)
Blockheads - Trip to the Void (Bones Brigade Records / LIXIVIAT Records)
Dark Horse - Death By Cop
Spine - Himnos Mambises (Practiced Hatred Records)
Jalang - Santau 65 (Ruin Nation Records)
Nukke - Dead Peace Dove (D-Takt & Råpunk Records)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Heading West (Reprise Records)