60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much", Bertrand seul aux manettes,

est accompagné de Margaret Glaspy et de ses nombreuses guitares


FINOM Mine (single) 2020
RITA MITSOUKO Jalousie Rita Mitsouko 1984
LES LUNATIQUES Nous Sommes de la Drogue Orange flottant 2023
ELOKIM כיפליים כיפליים 2023
SMIRK Polyrhythmic Ticks Smirk (ep) 2023
BODY TYPE Albion Park Expired Candy 2023
MARGARET GLASPY Act Natural Echo The Diamond 2023
STEPHEN STEINBRICK Opalescent Ribbon Disappearing Coin 2023
GALLUS Marmalade We Don't Like The People We've Become 2023
THERAPY Poundland Of Hope And Glory Hard Cold Fire  2023
SUPERBLOOM Pig Life's a Blur 2023
DECISIVE PINK Haffmilch Holiday Ticket To Fame 2023
XPROPAGANDA Don't (You Mess With Me) Strangely 2023
TRIKK Absolute Body Control Fauna & Flora 2023
FLASHER Hands On In My Myth (ep) 2023
TAXI GIRLS After Effect Coming Up Roses (ep) 2023
SEX MEX Pills We're a Happy Family  2023
SAILOR HONEYMOON Cockroach (single) 2023