60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much", 

les délires visuels psyché chez Holy Ship...


... et les délires graphiques de Sanity Of Illusion !


WIMPS Mom City Lights 2023
GaBlé iT_MaKeS_SeNSe PiCK The WeaK 2024
J. ROBBINS Automaticity Basilisk 2024
ARMIN Natalie (ep) 2023
BLOODSHOT BILL Sorry Psyche​-​o​-​Billy 2023
DELGRES Mr President Mo Jodi 2018
DELGRES Promis le ciel Promis Le Ciel 2024
PAWS Disenchanted  Paws 2023
SANITY OF ILLUSION Another Day Dream of the Unknown  2024
ARAB STRAB Allatoncenes (single) 2024
THE GO! TEAM The Power Is On Thunder, Lighting, Strike 2004
JARED LEIBOWICH Can I Hear Your Story Secret Spells 2023
BE A FRAID ICBC The End Looks Like Prosperity 2023
LIQUID MIKE Town Ease Paul Bunyan's Slingshot 2024
HOLLY SHIP Hail Hase Beyond Frames 2024
ELECTROLYTES Primitive Ultralyte 2023
ROCKY Repeater Rocky 2023