# 61 - Avec Demain

120 mn
# 61 - Avec Demain Collage



Idles - Dancer (Partisan Records)
Demain - Dans les ombres
Under 45 - White Whale (Destructure Records)
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Coma Girl (Dark Horse Records)
Camera Silens - Classe Criminelle 1 Et2 (Euthanasie Records)
Teen Mortgage -  Tuning In (King Pizza Records)
Isolat Junction - Disturbing Mental Connection
The Chisel - Bloodsucker (Pure Noise Records)
Resistenz '32 - Wölfe Und Krähen (Fire and Flames Music / Riot Bike Records)
Nafarroa 1512 - Hemen Gaude (Fire and Flames Music / Tough Ain't Enough Records)
Sklitakling - Hunden (Back to Beat Records)
Secteur Pavé - Vie Plombée
Syndrome 81 - Vivre et mourir (Destructure Records / Sabotage Records)
Brain Cave - Neologism (Head2Wall Records / The Ghost is Clear Records)
Forgive -  Trapped (Useless Pride Records)
Dead Years - Pictures of My Death (My Ruin / Dirt Cult Records)
Demain - Elle Ne Vient Pas
Daydream - Ritual Fear (Sabotage Records)
Walk the Plank - Loathe (Mt. Crushmore Records)
Dice Throw - Precognition
Instill - Will to Change
Rexurgir - Abismo (Cuanto Voltaje Records)
Malcría - Una Vez Más (Iron Lung Records)
Syff - Terror In My Head (Kidnap Music)
Backlash - Backlash
The Breath - 生存への憧憬 (Convulse Records)
Verdict - The Rat Race (Phobia Records / ByeBye Productions)
Junta - Prisoners of the City (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
Raw War - Monetary Hell (Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
Lila Ehjä - Ghost Love (Tout Doux Records / Croux Records)


Samedi 2 Mars

Forgive + Aude Vaisselle X Bravo Béton @ BabaZula (Rennes)

Concert de soutien au collectif Noom @ la Fontaine de Brocéliande (Saint Péran)

Samedi 30 Mars

Enemic Interior + Syndrome 81 + Litovsk + Demain @ Brasserie Skumenn (Cesson-Sévigné)