120 mn


Blackfire - Downfall (Tacoho Records)
Michel Cloup - L’internationale 2022 (Ici d'ailleurs)
No Drama - MFNM (Hidden Bay Records / Seitan's Hell Bike Punks)
Tiny Voices - The Ridge Gets Thinner (Useless Pride Records)
Wisent - Invincible (Devil Duck Records)
Wrong Man - Don't Remind Me (Thirty Something Records)
'68 - The Captains Sat (Pure Noise Records)
Senescence - Missing The Meaning (RTR Tapes / Sucker Punched Fanzine)
Nobro - Let's Do Drugs (Dine Alone Music)
Cushdrive - Firestorm
Cold Stress - Turn
Beerwolf - Grief Tourists (Resist Records)
Malad - Anger (Smith & Miller Records)
Heavy Discipline - Genius of Love (Painkiller Records)
Death Before Dishonor - Master of None (Bridge Nine Records)
Force of Denial - Weight of Absence (DBNO Records)
Outright - Bury Us (Reason and Rage Records / Life Lair Regret Records)
Cash Bribe - ICBM (Fanxdangxo Records)
Filth of Mankind - Bastard (Fight For Your Mind Records)
Flower - Heel of the Next (Fight For Your Mind Records)
Cancer Christ - God Hates Cops (Seeing Red Records)
Stress Positions - How to Get Ahead (Three One G Records)
Dead Heat - Endless Torment (Triple B Records)
Get the Shot - Bloodbatherr (Useless Pride Records)
Dizeaze - By a Thread
Lies! - Mind Pollution
Killing Me Softly - Meadows of Season's End (The Coming Strife Records)
Doze - Blade Swallower
Xibalba - Descending Into... (Closed Casket Activities)
Corruption Pact - Vacant Existence (Bustin Heads Records)
Godflesh - Nero (Avalanche Recordings)
Health - Children Of Sorrow (Loma Vista Recordings)
Crosses ††† - Invisible Hand (Warner Records)


Lundi 15 Janvier

No Drama + The Kicks @ Melody Maker (Rennes)

eudi 18 Janvier

Cobra Jaune @ Dimanche Bistrot (Rennes)

Michel Cloup + Violence Grramaticale @ La Rouille (Soudan - 44)

Vendredi 19 Janvier

Tiny Voices + Pro-Mess + Neuf Volts @ Babazula (Rennes)

Samedi 27 Janvier

Entertain the Terror + Corruption Pact + Days of Revelation @ Marquis de Sade

Vendredi 21 & Samedi 22 Juin 2024

Superbowl of Hardcore Festival @Jardin Modern (Rennes)