120 mn


Militarie Gun - Do It Faster (Loma Vista)
LANE - Blue Mountains (Twenty Something)
Vigilante - Smell Likemy Shoes
Short Days - Burn My Life (Destructure Records / No Glory Records)
The Restarts - The One Percent (Pirates Press Records / No Label Records)
Camellia Sinensis - Désarmons-Les (Dirty Slap Records)
Combat Drug - Isolation
Moral Bombing - Metamorphosis I: Crawling, Slipping, Failing (Room 11 Records)
Hope? - The Patriarchy Must Be Destroyed (Symphony of Destruction / Fight For Your Mind)
Fredag Den 13:e - Förlorade År (Deviance Records / Phobia Records)
Avskum - Rasstatens Altare (Skrammel Records)
Adrestia feat.Tomas Jonsson  - Ticking Bombs (Alerta Antifascista)
Zero Again - Ran into the Ground (Sanctus Propaganda)
System of Slaves - Anger (Mass ProdDeviance Records)
Bunkum - I Write (Mass Prod / Guerilla Vinyl)
Restraining Order - Another Better Day (Triple-B Records)
Berthold City - Until I Fade Away (War Records)
Monument X - In This Moment (Holding On Records)
Iron Deficiency - Illusion of Choice (Ugly and Proud Records)
Escalate - The Ortolan (Ugly and Proud Records)
Move BHC - Summer Trend  (Triple-B Records)
Dead Heat - Eyes of the Real (Triple-B Records / Tankcrimes)
Power Trip - Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe) (Southern Lord Recordings)
Creeping Death - Intestinal Wrap (MNRK Heavy)
Blood Runs Cold - B.R.C. (Daze)
Sunami - Think About It (Triple-B Records / Streets of Hate)
Field of Flames - Field Of Flames (Streets of Hate)
Sanctuary - Fire (Terrain Vague)
Will Haven - 5 of Fire (Minus Head Records)
Pupil Slicer - No Temple (Prosthetic Records)
Burner - Pillar of Shame (Church Road Records)
Elder Devil - Burning Forest (Prosthetic Records)
Dragunov - 65-76
Cavalerie - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Delivrance Records)
Fonte - Hicking (Araki Records)
Huush - Falling in love


Vendredi 15 Septembre

Vigilante + Maria Tarey + Tøcard! au Melody Maker (Rennes)

The Restarts + Broken Bomb + Chouch'n Molotov au Thy'roir (Ploermel)

Samedi 16 Septembre

Short Days + Glen Football + Turbo Crox Terror + Utopie à l'Espace Lecture Carrefour 18 (Rennes)

Fonte + Tour Sombre + Arhios au Skumenn Brewpub (Cesson-Sévigné)

Vendredi 22 Septembre 

Dragunov + Gravats + Psalterion Au Marquis de Sade (Rennes)

Vendredi 22 & Samedi 23 Septembre

Festival Mass Attack au Jardin Moderne (Rennes)

Samedi 7 Octobre

Release Party Sanctuary + Hard Mind à la Brasserie Spore (Gravigny)