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Concerts annoncés

Vendredi 13 Janvier Michel Cloup + Combattants A l'Antipode (Rennes)
Vendredi 30 juin &
Samedi 1 Juillet
Superbowl of Hardcore Open Air 2023 Au Jardin Modern (Rennes)



Krav Boca - Chronomètre (Boca Records)
Gwendoline - Loin de moi
Michel Cloup - Mon ambulance (Ici d'ailleurs)
White Lung - Tomorrow (Domino Recording Company)
Ways Away - I Got Low (Other People Records)
Bear Away - Wake Up and Smell the Floor (Brassneck Records / Engineer Records / Shield Recordings)
The Real McKenzies - Ye Jacobites by Name (Fat Wreck Chords)
NOFX - Darby Crashing Your Party (Fat Wreck Chords)
Vice Squad - Christmas Is Cancelled (Last Rockers Records)
Chubby and the Gang - Violent Night (A Christmas Tale) (Partisan Records)
Gurs - Tierra quemada (Symphony of Destruction)
Prisonnier du temps - Comme un lion en cage (Une Vie Pour Rien ?)
Mess - I Don't Like You (Mendeku Diskak)
The Chisel - Keep it Schtum (Mendeku Diskak)
An Slua - How Ya Gettin' on? (Distr-Oi Records)
Bregados - Traidor
Rito - Nido de Ratas
Trots - Allt jag g​ö​r (Mass Prod / Fire And Flames Music)
Bratakus - Real Men Eat Meat (Mass Prod / Fire And Flames Music)
Dragged - Workman's Stomp (To Live a Lie Records)
XGatekeeperX - Nothing New (War Records)
Bulldoze - The Truth
Combust - The Knife (Cash Only Records)
Delinquency - 2490
Prevention - The Search (Delayed Gratification Records)
Minus Youth - Sun (Teenage Duty Records)
Weight - Slave to Faith (Control Records / The Essence)
Your Spirit Dies - Blistered Sentience (Acrobat Unstable Records)
Lionheart - Death Comes in 3's (Arising Empire)
No Cure - Embrace Death
Spite - Some Things You Should Know... (Rise Records)
Coffin Feeder - A Good Supply of Body Bags
Psychonaut - All Your Gods Have Gone (Pelagic Records)
Lisieux - Lys Noirs (Throatruiner Records)