120 mn

Pour cette émission, on va commencer par un bonne première partie punk dans toute sa variété, Ska, Celtique, Acoustique, Pop, Oi, ensuite on va passer la vitesse supérieur avec du Fastcore, Powerviolence et Crust, puis du Hardcore et pour finir Metalcore, Death Metal et Grindcore


Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get (Asbestos Records)
The Rumjacks - Bloodsoaked in Chorus (Four | Four)
Ruts DC - Babylon's Burning (Sosumi)
Panic Monster - Breathe (Kicking Records)
The Dickies - A Gary Glitter Getaway (Cleopatra Records)
The Suttles - Moving Around (Topsy Turvy Records)
Teenage Hearts - Just Another Clown (Primator Crew)
The Prowlers - You (Insurgence Records / Contra Records / LSM Vinyl / Skinhead Revolt Records)
Rancoeur - Un autre futur (Kanal HystérikFire and Flames Music)
Still Awake - No Exit
Obnoxious! - Sick My Duck
Ten Minutes Later - Cold War
Unlogistic - Boycott J.O. (Rejuvenation Records)
Le Tunnel de l'enfer - Sly is a Doer
Cancer Christ - The Blood of Jesus (Sweatband Records)
SPY - Afraid of Everything (Triple B Records / To Live A Lie Records / Lower Class Kids Records)
Cerce - Ghosts
Deaf Club - Chew the Fat (Three One G / Sweatband Records)
Manger Cadavre? - Em Memória (Xaninho Discos / Poeira Maldita)
Valtatyhjiö - Lukko
Dissident - Shred
Hooks & Bones - Social Rampage (Wrecking Crew Records)
Shackled - Nothing Ever Came (From Within Records)
Northwalk - Through Thick And Thin (feat. Get the Shot) (10-54)
Remain in Grief - Nothing (Svensk Hardcore Kultur)
Despize - Detonate (Northern Unrest)
Deklination - Dark Comedy (Northern Unrest)
Arkangel - From Heaven We Fall (GSR Music)
Lifesick - Enslavement Method (Isolation Records)
Slowbleed - The Law (Atonement Through Blood) (Creator-Destructor Records)
Venom Prison - Nemesis (Century Media Records)
Napalm Death - Narcissus (Century Media Records)
Crazy & the Brains - Punk Rocker