60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" on fait dans le sépia avec:

Sugar Candy Mountain...

et Piroshka 

PROVOKER Re-Per Body Jumper 2021
THE FATIMA MANSIONS Only Losers Take The Bus Against Nature 1989
WET LEG Chaise Longue (single) 2021
WASTE MAN The Siren One Day It'll All Be You 2021
LANTLÔS Lich Wildhund 2021
LANTLÔS Drifter Wildhund 2021
SPUD CANNON Juno Good Kids Make Bad Apples 2021
SUGAR CANDY MOUTAIN Running From Fire Impression 2021
PIROSHKA Echo Loco Love Drips And Gathers 2021
COLD BEAT Arms Reach War Garden 2021
NEW CANDYS Zyko Vyvyd 2021
CROCODILES  Who Stole My Skateboard?  Shitty Times Volume 1 2021
THE BEVIS FROND Find The Mole Little Eden 2021
PARKET COURTS Black Window Spider (single) 2021
ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISSANT MARCEL DUCHAMP  Connected We're OK. But We're lost anyway. 2021
COLA BOYY Kid Born in Space  Prosthetic Boombox 2021
THE ARMED Real Folk Blues Ultrapop 2021