60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" , allez hop ! tout le monde dehors,

costumés avec The Baby Seals...

... mais pas à poil comme le suggérerait State Of Nature !

THE BABY SEALS Mild Misogynist (single) 2024
PACKS HFSC Melt The Honey 2024
CHEMTRAIL Mushroom Cloud Nine The Joy Of Sects 2024
BERLINER DOOM Veganer Softrock Wer das h​ö​rt ist doom 2023
CLANG ! New Feel Now New Feel Now 2023
GLASS BEACH Motions Plastic Death 2024
MOSS What Yo Want Ornament 2012
GRAZIA Cheap In Poor Taste  (ep) 2024
GUJI My Mao Suit (ep) 2023
STATES OF NATURE Papered News (single) 2024
HOORSEES Artschool Big 2024
HAPPY BODY Honey On Your Lips (ep) 2023
WILSON A Talk About Running (ep) 2023
SALINE Restless Rearview 2024
SPRINTS Cathedral Letter To Self 2024
SAPLING 11:37 Amor Fati 2023
WHO IS SHE 96 Ghouls Goddess Energy 2023
THE THING Midnight Here's the thing 2024