60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" une émission mortelle !

Squelettique chez Sprints...

... ou carrément désintégré par Charlène Darling

SPRINTS Up And Comer  Letter To Self 2024
BLOODSHOT BILL Sorry Psyche​-​o​-​Billy 2023
CHARLENE DARLING Disparais La Porte 2023
ARAB STRAP Bliss (Single) 2024
GWENDOLINE ROCK2000 (Single) 2024
HARD COPY Chew 12 Shots of Nature 2023
JVK All I Want Who is JVK? 2023
FUTURE ISLAND King Of Sweden People Who Aren't There Anymore 2024
THE FAUNS Doot Doot How lost 2024
TV’S DANIEL Another Place, Another Time Never Change 2023
BRORLAB Second Animation Working Out In Heaven 2023
ECHO LADIES Coming Home Lilies 2023
THE NATIVE CATS My risk Is Art The Way On Is The Way Off 2023
PHIL & THE TILES Death Ship Double Happiness 2024
ZOOEY CELESTE  Torture Me Restless Thoughts 2023