60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" joie de vivre avec,

aliénation, solitude et séquestration en compagnie de Pile...

... et surconsommation et trivialité avec Idles

Enjoy !

HAPPY BODY Honey On Your Lips Happy Body (ep) 2023
IDLES Gift Horse (single) 2023
PILE Scaling Walls Hot Air Balloon (ep) 2023
2M80 What Trent Does 2M8O 2023
TOXIC NEUROTIC Alley Full Of Rats Not Dressin' Up  2023
DABDA Playing With Fire Yonder 2023
MARNIE STERN Earth Eater The Comeback Kid 2023
SUSTO Rock On  My Entire Life 2023
ISMATIC GURU A Nice Man III (ep) 2023
PRIMUS My Name Is Mud Pork Soda 1993
UI Long Egg Sidelong 1995
EXERCISE Flowery Ipso Facto 2023
THE GEE STRINGS Fire Speed Soul Racer 2023
JANE WEAVER Perfect Storm (single) 2023
JESUS AND MARYCHAIN Chemical Animal (single) 2023
SAPLING 11:37 Amor Fati 2023
BED BITS Secret Life Bed Bits 2023