60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much",

les très "my Bloodien" Wishy...

... et les très cathodique Hooper Crescent !

STORM FRANKLIN Take Some Time Loneliness In The Moder World 2023
TV’S DANIEL Another Place, Another Time Never Change 2023
THE MANXX You're Losing Me (single) 2023
JAY MASCIS Right Behind You (single) 2024
RIDE Peace Sign (single) 2024
HOOPER CRESCENT Late Night TV (single) 2023
HOOPER  List Of Don'ts Swim The Races Nobody Wants 2023
DJ SHADOW All My Action Adventure 2023
SEXY SUSHI A bien regarder; Rachida Tu l'as Bien Merité ! 2009
BRORLAB Second Animation Working Out In Heaven 2023
FLAT WORMS Sigalert Witness Marks 2023
SOFT SCIENCE Grip Lines 2023
WISHY Donut Paradise EP 2023
ONYON Alien Alien Last Days On Earth 2023
CHARLENE DARLING Disparais La Porte 2023
YUMI ZOUMA Kickind Up Daisies EP IV 2023