60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" ...

en bonne compagnie avec Jay Mascis et ses proches...

... et Trash Palace encore plus proche !

LIGHT BEAMS Coming Our Way Wild Life 2023
THE DRUMS I'm Still Scared Jonny 2023
EX COPS Ken True Hallucinations 2013
YFORY Ailgylchu Yfory 2023
XXX PISS Feeling Stuck XXX Piss 2023
PAWS Elemental Attributes Paws 2023
CRIME AND THE CITY SOLUTION River Of God The Killer 2023
CHRIS PAL TVCC New Weird 2023
DIVORCER Crying Espionage (ep) 2023
JAY MASCIS Can't Believe We're Here (single) 2023
THE LEMONHEADS Fear Of Living (single) 2023
NEUTRALS Substitute Teacher Illusion of Choice 2023
TRASHPALACE Go (single) 2023
LOREN LAKIS Terror Tears (Ringo Deathstarr Mix) Feat Ringo Deathstarr A Fiesta And a Hell 2023
PIP BLOOM I Can Be Your Man Bobbie 2023
HOTWAX E Flat Invite Me, Kindly 2023
SUPER BUMMER Backburner Super Bummer 2023