60 mn

Cette semaine dans " Un Poco Too Much" une émission très girly avec,

les nippones acidulées de Chai...

... et la féminité, disons plus décalée de Groupelove !

CHAI We The Female! (single) 2023
SWELL Turtle Song … Well ? 1992
HAZEL ENGLISH Slide Slide 2023
THE NUDE PARTY Ride On Ride On 2023
IGUANA DEATH CULT Sensory Overload Echo Palace 2023
JOSÉ GONZÃLEZ Head On  Head On EP 2023
MS PAINT Decapitated Reality Post-American 2023
COR DE LUX Syncopated Media 2023
THE MURLOCS Initiative Calm Ya Farm 2023
ANNE CLARCK Self Destruct An Ordinary Life 1986
BAXTER DURY Leon (single) 2023
DRAGNET Strike The Accession 2023
DESTROY BOYS Beg For The Torture (single) 2023
MARY ANNE'S POLAR RIG The Way That I'm Feeling Makes You Wonder 2023
GROUPLOVE All ! Hello, All ! (single) 2023