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Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" Bertrand seul aux manettes ...

Bert radio

... nous offre une vision du futur avec Sleaford Mods

THE UNKNOWNS Rid of You Treehouse 2023
THE YUMMY FUR Policeman (single) 1997
EYELIDS Lyin' In Your Tomb (single) 2023
MINOA Eye of an Eagle Forward, Backward, Start Again 2023
THE BURNING HELL Empty World Garbage Island 2022
HOLLOW HAND Heaven Just Watched Your Own Adventure 2023
RAYON Canada Colour 2022
DUST STAR Heaven Just Watched Colour 2022
ROYEL OTIS Oysters In My Pocket Bar N’ Grill (ep) 2022
PAMPLEMOUSE Vicious Mind (single) 2023
FABULOUS SHEEP Parasite Social Violence  2022
KITCH Charismatik New Strife Lands  2022
BASIC BITCHES Start The World It Doesn't Matter If It's Cool 2023
WITCH  FEVER Blessed Be Thy Congregation 2022
SLEAFORD MODS So Trendy UK Grim 2023
YOUNG FATHERS I Saw Heavy Heavy 2023
THE BOBBY LEES Bellevue Bellevue 2022
AIR WAVES Treehouse The Dance 2022