60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much",

La ville de New York vue du métro avec The Men...

...et  la banlieue, vue de l'intimité domestique de Basic Bitches

QUEASY PIECES Been So Good To Me Queasy Pieces 2022
QUIZ SHOW Dime A Dozen (single) 2023
THE DAMNED Life Goes On Strawberries (40th Anniversary) 2023
RIDER HORSE Great Innings Feed 'Em Salt 2022
R RING Volunteer War Poems, We Rested 2023
THE MEN Hard Livin' New York City 2023
YOUNG FATHERS I Saw Heavy Heavy 2023
BASIC BITCHES Start The World It Doesn't Matter If It's Cool 2023
OK COOL Normal C (single) 2023
DISCO DOOM Patrik Mt. Surreal 2023
THE WAEVE Sleepwalking The Waeve 2023
KILYNN LUNSFORD Sewerland  Custodians Of Human Succession 2022
JEMMA FREEMAN Easy Peeler Miffed 2022
THE GO! TEAM train song Get Up Sequences Part 2 2023