60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" deux univers très genrés, 

les gars avec les jeux video de salle de sport façon Empire de Shame...

... les filles et le clip intimiste d'Unknown Mortal Orchestra

THE GO! TEAM Look Away Look Away Get Up Sequences Part 2 2023
MEMES Monday I Looked Like Death (single) 2022
DROPPER Ok Ok Ok  Don't Talk to Me 2023
LAUDS Distant Images (feat. Dulce Hombre) Imitation Life 2023
THE CURE Just Like Heaven Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 1987
SHAME Six-Pack Food for Worms 2023
DATELINE Don't Know What To Do With Me  Dumb For My Age 2022
SUUNS Wave (single) 2023
THE STREEWALKIN’ CHEETAHS Debauchery All The Covers (And More) 2022
CORKER Waste Of Life A Bell That Seems To Mourn (ep) 2021
THE GO! TEAM Stand And Ask Me In A Different Way Get Up Sequences Part 2 2023
ITALIA 90 New Factory Leaving Human Treasure 2023
SINGLE MOTHERS Enough for You Everything You Need 2022
HEATHER Avenge Old Cry, I Walk 2022
THE GO! TEAM Going Nowhere Get Up Sequences Part 2 2023