60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much", le monde fabuleux des films d'animations, 

avec le dessin et la pate à modeler de Pozi...

... et le carton et le papier maché de The Cool Greenhouse

DROPPER Don't Worry Don’t Talk To Me 2022
THE COOL GREENHOUSE I Lost My Head Sod's Toastie 2022
LOKI’S FOLLY Beaches and Peaches (single) 2023
ULRIKA SPACEK The Sheer Drop (single) 2023
IAMNOONE Wasn't You Together Alone 2023
ALIX Last Dreamer Last Dreamer 2022
GHOST WOMAN The End of a Gun Anne, If 2023
NO SUITS IN MIAMI Over And Over Nothing Ever Happens 2022
REIGNWOLF Over And Over Hear Me Out 2019
PERENNIAL Soliloquy For Neil Perry In The Midnight Hour 2022
THE DRIN Venom Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom 2023
POZI Failling (single) 2023
ENGLISH TEACHER Song About Love (single) 2023
DEADLETTER Binge Heat! (ep) 2022
BIG JOANIE Taut Back Home 2022