60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much"

on appelle Circa Waves et tous les potes...

... c'est pour la photo de classe avec Hans Pucket !

THE HEAVY Hurricane coming (Single) 2023
SINGLE MOTHERS  Enough for You Everything You Need 2022
SONS Another Round Sweet Boy 2022
DOOM FLOWER Sweep Limestone Ritual 2023
LIELA MOSS Come And Find Me Internal Working Model 2023
KILYNN LUNSFORD Sewerland  Custodians Of Human Succession 2022
GRAVE GOODS Source Tuesday. Nothing Exists. 2022
LUCY DACUS Dancing In the Dark Ladies Sing The Boss 2022
I SPEAK MACHINE Paint In Black Black Rabbits 2022
HANS PUCKET My Brain Is A Vacant Space No Drama 2022
EN ATTENDANT ANA Same Old Story Principia 2023
BILLY NOMATES Blue Bones (Deathwich) CACTI 2023
CIRCA WAVES Do You Wanna Talk Never Going Under 2023
HEATHER Avenge Old Cry, I Walk 2022
PILGRIMS OF YEARNING La Mar  Hadal (ep) 2022
FAIM Silver Spoon (Single) 2023