60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much " les bonne résolutions de 2023,

arrêter la TV radicalement comme For Tracy Hyde...

... et manger des fruits avec Memes !

DATELINE Don't Know What To Do With Me  Dumb For My Age 2022
GRMLN Snake Dark Moon 2022
YAWNERS Paranormal (Feat. Cala Vento) Duplo 2022
MEULE Getaway Meule 2022
DRAKULAS Shame (single) Drunk Dial #10 2022
KNIFEPLAY Lonely Sun Animal Drowning 2022
METRONOME BLUES Lonely Sun Sides 2016
PERENNIAL Soliloquy For Neil Perry In The Midnight Hour 2022
CLEOPATRICK Zuck Doom (ep) 2022
FOR TRACY HYDE Milkshake Hotel Insomnia 2022
THE LEAF LIBRARY Goodby Four Walls Library Music: Volume One 2022
KITCH Charismatik New Strife Lands  2022
MEMES Monday I Looked Like death (single) 2022
AWOLNATION Waiting Room (Feat. Grouplove) My Echo, My Schadow, My Covers & Me 2022
GROUPLOVE Tongue Tied Never Trust A Happy Song 2011
DUSTIN LOVELIS Counterfeit Drag Me Out 2022