60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much",

ceux qui font une thérapie de groupe avec Sprints...


et celui qui devraient faire une thérapie de couple, Oliver Tree !


SPRINTS Delia Smith A Modern Job 2022
GREEN/BLUE Paper Thin Paper Thin 2022
MEDUSA’S DISCO Hazy from the Maze Medusa's Disco  2022
ALFFA Gwenwyn Rhyddid o’r Cysgodion Gwenwynig / Freedom from the Poisonous Shadows 2018
FLEUVES Glomel #2 2019
GUARDS Just Like Heaven  More Cover Songs 2022
MOTHERHOOD Tabletop Winded 2022
STRAWBERRIE SEAS Useless Talking Sea Diver 2022
DINOSAUR JR I expect It Always Sweep Into Space 2021
OLIVER TREE Cowboys Don’t Cry Cowboy Tears 2022
TEEN MORTGAGE Smoked Smoked (ep) 2022
SHORT FICTIONS Don't Start A Band Everymoment Of Every Day 2022
FUGAZI Last Chance For A Slow Dance In On The Kill Taker 1993
STUCK IN MOTION Höjdpunkternas Land Still Stuck 2022
GEMMA ROGERS Stop No Place Like Home 2022