60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much";

Oeil pour oeil avec Yvette...

... et vraisemblablement dent pour dent avec A Place To Bury Strangers !

CALEXICO El Mirador (single) 2022
P.E. The Reason for My Love The Reason for My Love (ep) 2021
YVETTE Contact High How the Garden Grows 2021
THE JESUS AND THE MARY CHAIN Never Understand Psychocandy 1985
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS I Disappear (When Your Near) See Through You 2022
PINCH POINTS Reasons To Be Anxious (Single) 2021
NICFIT Human Inane Fuse 2022
MITSKI Stay Soft Laurel Hell 2022
RÖYKSOPP & ALISON GOLDFRAPP Impossible (Single) 2022
WEAK SIGNAL Drugs In My System Bianca 2021
TELE NOVELLA Adventures Close to Home Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)  2021
SHORELINE Meat Free Youth (feat. Nervus) Growth 2022
WOVEN HAND Acacia Silver Sash 2022
KAIROS CREATURE CLUB Black Lips Join The Club (ep) 2021
PARTNER LOOK Geelong By The Book 2022