60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" ...

... la garde-robe toute rouge de Kids On A Crime Spree...

... a du inspirer Denée Segall (accompagné par Ty) puisqu'elle aussi porte une robe rouge !

CULTS Beach Ball (single) 2021
TEKE TEKE  Corpse Pose  Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)  2021
UNWOUND Corpse Pose  Repetition  1996
OVLOV Strokes Buds 2021
THE STROKES Why Are Sunday's So Depressing The New Abnormal 2020
TY SEGALL Feel Good Harmonizer 2021
TAQBIR Aisha Qandisha Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause (ep) 2021
EAU ROUGE Acid Love Acid Love 2021
BIG THIEF Little Things Time Escaping 2021
LANGKAMER  The Ugliest Man In Bristol West Country 2021
YELED ZAIIN Done For The Day Fill the Void 2021
CLINIC I Can't Stand The Rain Fantasy Island 2021
BAND OF HORSES I Need Of repair (single) 2021
MO TROPER A Girl Like Andy Dilettante 2021
KAIROS CREATURE CLUB Black Lips Join The Club (ep) 2021
KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE All Things Fade (single) 2021