60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" du bon son régionnal avec :

Les Nantais en trottinette de Mad Foxes ...

... versus les Rennais en skate de Gwendoline !

MAD FOXES Crystal Glass Ashamed 2021
GOODBY HONOLULU Dye My Hair Goodby Honolulu 2021
QUEENS OF THE STONEAGE No One Kwows Songs For The Deaf 2002
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS Who Took the Rain Confines of Life 2021
SILVERBACKS Rolodex City (single)  2021
GWENDOLINE Voldebière (single)  2021
THE KVB Unbound Unity 2021
KILLS BIRDS Cough Up Cherries Married 2021
THE MUDD CLUB Bottle Blonde Bottle Blonde 2021
ALABAMA SHAKES Don't Wanna Fight Sound & Color 2015
DELGRES La Penn 04:00 AM 2021
AUDIOBOOKS Driven By Beef Astro Tough 2021
TAMAR APHEK Russian Winter All Bets Are Off 2021
SHAME March Day (demo) Drunk Tank Pink (Deluxe Edition) 2021
OVLOV Cheer Up, Chihiro ! Buds 2021