60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much " une sélection méditéranéene !

Bien mieux que Maneskin, les Italiens Venitiens de New Candys

Le seul morceau explosif de l'album des Libanais de Postcards

TOM TOM CLUB On, On, On, On... Tom Tom Club 1981
NEW CANDYS Zyko Vyvyd 2021
DELIVERY Floored Yes We Do ( ep) 2021
BAND OF HORSES Crutch (single) 2021
POSTCARDS Mother Tongues After The Fire, Before The End 2021
AMYL & THE SNIFFERS Guided By Angels Comfort To Me 2021
CUMGIRL8 Pluck Me RIPcumgirl8 2021
ADA LEA Damn One Hand On The Steering Wheel The Other Sewing a Garden 2021
BAXTER DURY D.O.A. (single) 2021
FIDDLEHEAT Between the Richness Joyboy 2021
COLLEEN GREEN You Don't Exist Cool 2021
PRINCESS GOES TO BUTTERFLY MUSEUM Angela Peacock Thanks For Coming 2021
GIRL K Real Mad Girl K Is For The People 2021
ANIKA Finger Pies Change 2021
HOVVDY Hope True Love 2021