579 Palmarès 2023 de Fred !

60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" le top Hit des albums selon Fred pour 2023 ! (clic sur l'image)

08 protomartyr

07 The Go Team

06 Young Fathers

05 Billy Nomates

04 Slowdive

06 It It Anita

02 Marnie Stern

01 Man On Man


Et dans son palmares des chanteurs ayant la plus belle coupe de cheveux,

Bertrand classe Crazy And The Brains 1er !

PROTOMARTYR For Tomorrow Formal Growth In The Desert 2023
ONYON Alien Alien Last Days On Earth 2023
CHEEKFACE Largest Muscle (single) 2023
THE GO ! TEAM Gemini Get Up Sequences Part 2 2023
YOUNG FATHERS Holy Moly Heavy Heavy 2023
ALDRCH Go Industry Standard  2023
DEAD SEAGALS Dead Seagals  (ep) 2023
BILLY NOMATES Blue Bones (Deathwish) CACTI 2023
SLOWDIVE The Slab Everythings Is Alive 2023
CRAZY & THE BRAINS Ghosts Don't Die (single) 2023
BOUND BY ENDOGANY Autoreduction Huit Cauchemars d'une Machine Fê​l​é​e 2023
IT IT ANITA The World's Last Cryptonaire Mouche 2023
MARNIE STERN Working Memory The Comeback Kid 2023
ISMATIC GURU A Nice Man III (ep) 2023
TUBE ALLOYS Jubilee Magnetic Point 2023
MAN ON MAN Take It From Me Provincetown 2023