60 mn

Cette semaine dans "un Poco too Much" ,

on se maquille avec It It Anita...

... et on va jouer au golf avec Santa Chiara !

SANTA CHIARA Worth It Or Not Imported 2023
BLOODS Boss Together, Baby  2022
CURRENT AFFAIRS Get Wrecked Off the Tongue 2023
JANE REMOVER Holding A Leech Census Designated 2023
WARPAINT Undertow The Fool 2010
WITCH WEATHER Don't Need Witch Weather 2023
OSEES Chaos Heart Intercepted Message 2023
MARNIE STERN Plain Speak The Comeback Kid 2023
METRIC Descendants Formentera II 2023
IT IT ANITA Psychorigid Mouche 2023
DEAD SEAGALS  Dead Seagals Dead Seagals (ep) 2023
LOREN LAKIS Terror Tears A Fiesta And a Hell 2023
EMMA ANDERSON Bend The Round Perlies 2023
DANCER Chill Pill As Well (ep) 2023
POWERPLANT Grass Grass (ep) 2023