60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much",

marre du réalisme urbain et du consumérisme des catalans d'Uniforms ?


passer au vert et aux mystères de la jungle avec Baby Cool !

SPICE WORLD Time Time Turn Around There's No I In Spice World 2023
RADIO SUPERNOVA Neonjuhlissa Paratiisi 2023
THE RADIO DEPT. Commited To The Cause Running Out Of Love 2016
MANDY INDIANA Pinking Shears I've Seen a Way 2023
HALLAN Unwomanly Face of War The Noise of a Firing Gun 2023
HALF MOON RUN You Can Let Go You Can Let Go 2023
LICHEN SLOW Preset Rest Lurk 2023
OK COOL Normal C Fawn 2023
BABY COOL Poison Earthling on the Road to Self Love 2023
ULRIKA SPACEK Diskbänkrealism Compact Trauma 2023
UNIFORMS Ashes To Thrive Trance 2023
LUCY KRUGER Burning Building  Heaving 2023
BILK Hummus and Pitta Bilk  2023
FEVER RAY Even It Out Radical Romantics 2023
SUMMER FLAKE  Barnacle Bill One Less Thing 2023