60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much", 

alors que Krakow Loves Adana nous parle d'amour en douceur avec plein de coeurs et sa guitare...

... malheureusement Iguana Death Cult s'est fait voler sa trompette et nous torture avec un saxo !

YONIC SOUTH Mr. Fliptop Devo Challenge Cup 2023
KOLEZENKA Canals Of Your City Alone with The Sound the Mind Makes 2023
KRAKOW LOVES ADANA Love Love Love Oceanflower 2023
CORKER Waste Of Life A Bell That Seems To Mourn (ep) 2021
IGUANA DEATH CULT Sensory Overload Echo Palace 2023
MY BLOODY VALENTINE Only Tomorrow M.B.V. 2013
NARROW HEAD Gearhead Moments Of Clarity 2023
JENNY O Solitary Girl Spectra 2023
THE DRIN Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom Venom 2023
BDRMM It's Just A Bit Of Blood It's Just A Bit Of Blood 2023
GINA BIRCH Wish I Was You I Play My Bass Loud 2023
DROPPER Ok Ok Ok  Don't Talk to Me 2022
EN ATTENDANT ANA Same Old Story Principia 2023
YLAYALI Nobody Knows Separation 2023