60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" on continue dans les clips d'animation,

avec les marionnette de Blues Lawyer...

... et le animé japonais de Daft Punk réalisé par Leiji Matsumoto (RIP)

THE HEAVY I Feel Love (single) 2023
LUCY KRUGER Burning Building (single) 2023
THE OVERHEAD BINS How To Ruin Everything For Everyone Telethon 2023
YO LA TENGO Fallout This Stupid World 2023
MS PAINT Titan Of Hope (Single) 2023
FOYER RED Etc (Single) 2022
HOLY POPES Séance Holy Popes 2023
THE PASTELS Holly Molly Sittin' Pretty 1989
YOUNG FATHERS Holly Molly Heavy Heavy 2023
M(H)AOL Asking for It Attachment Styles 2023
SWEEPING PROMISES Atelier Hunger for a Way Out  2020
FEIST In Lightning  (single) 2023
NIGHTBUS Way Past Three (single) 2023
BLUES LAWYER Nowhere To Go All In Good Time 2023
MARKET Old The Consistent Brutal Bullshit Gong 2023
BABYBABY EXPLORES Twiddle Food Near Me, Weather Tomorrow  2023
DAFT PUNK aerodynamic Discovery 2001