120 mn


Bleakness - Words (Destructure Records / Kick Rock / Distro-Y Records)
Demain - Fidèle à la ligne
Nightwatchers - Casbah d'hiver (Stonehenge Records)
Accidente - Lxs Invisibles (De Balestrini)
Short Days - Children Of Boredom (Destructure Records)
It Wasn't Us ! - Anarky
Lame - Almas Muertas (La Vida Es Un Mus)
DYS - Brotherhood (Bridge Nine Records)
The Pist - Let It All Go (Ryvvolte Records / Havoc Records / Profane Existence / Dismantled Records)
Potere Negativo - Fantasmi (Distro-Y Records)
Trauma HC - Jostello
Mutant Strain - Don't Care Don't Know (Sorry State Records)
Judge - Bringin' It Down (Revelation Records)
xRitualx - Triunfo (Vegan Records)
Entrefuego - Cimientos (Lengua Muerta Discos)
No Turning Back - No Fear Of Pain (Triple B Records)
Fall For Rising - No Way Back
Bas Rotten - Violence (To Live a Lie RecordsRagingplanet)
False - Crowdkilling Me Softly With This Song (Bones Brigade Records)
Suicides de Lapins - Jackass
Prey - Safe inside (Scene Report Records)
Days of Revelation - Schemes of Psychic Leaks
Apex Predator - Strength of Determination (Life & Death Brigade)
Splitknuckle - Gutter Thoughts (Northern Unrest / Daze Records)
Gates of Hopeless - Burning Season (Militia Inc.)
Whispers - Chains of Hate (Militia Inc.)
Gray State - Desire For Salvation (The Coming Strife Records / Genet Records)
Rejoice - Menace (Delayed Gratification RecordsLower Class Kids Records)
Scarab - Squeeze (Rebirth Records)
Lifesick - Reverse Birth (Metal Blade Records)
Ingrown - Cold Steel (Closed Casket Activities)
Dying Fetus - Feast of Ashes (Relapse Records)
Escuela Grind - Meat Magnet (MNRK Heavy)
Body Void - Cop Show (Prosthetic Records)
Shedfromthebody - Hush


Vendredi 2 février

Gummo + Montagne + Bas Rotten + Tøcard! @ Melody Maker (Rennes)

Samedi 3 février

25 Ans de Breizh Disorder @ l'Etage (Rennes)

Vendredi 21 & Samedi 22 Juin 2024

Superbowl of Hardcore Festival @Jardin Modern (Rennes)