# 56

120 mn
# 57


The Pogues - The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn (Warner Music)
Toxic Rites - World for Sale
Filature - Les Formes (Stonehenge Records)
MSS FRNCE - Convergence
Tomar Control - Secta (Passion Means Struggle / Positive And Focused Records / Speedowax Records)
Sissyfit - Cherry Bomb
Death Pill - Monsters (New Heavy Sounds)
Shooting Daggers - Not My Rival (New Heavy Sounds)
Boudicca - Let Them
The Casualties - So Much Hate (Cleopatra Records)
Ratos de Porão - Veneno Cristão (Beat Generation)
Last Gasp - Seizure the Day (War Records)
Getting Low - Your Darkest Dust
Bane - Ante Up (Equal Vision Records)
Tripper - Pressed
Korsning Killar - True Believer (Outtasight Records / Betrayed Records)
Stiff Meds - Born for Violence (Quality Control HQ)
Deny - Trail of Wrath (Flyktsoda / Cimex Records)
Stingray - Subterranean (La Vida Es Un Mus)
C​.​L​.​S​.​M. - Dehydrated Flesh Of The Bourgeoisie
Pig City - Belly of the Beast (To Live a Lie Records)
偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Musabetsuna Kutsuu (Not Enough Records)
Extensive Slaughter - Life Is a Cold Hell (Neon Taste Records)
Sexless Marriage - Flirting With Disease (Moment of Collapse Records)
Ex Everything - The Reduction of Human Life to an Economic Unit (Neurot Recordings)
Obroa-Skai - 1928-1972 (Zegema Beach Records)
Аферист - Инсайт
Dying Wish - Torn From Your Silhouette (SharpTone Records)
Cauldron - Futile (The Coming Strife Records)
Breakless - Guilty of Existence
Humanity's Last Breath - Linger (Unique Leader Records)
Malignant - Shattered
Horsewhip - Plague Machine (Iodine Recordings)
High on Fire - 10,000 Years (MNRK Heavy)
Slim Wild Boar - Pure Dust (Kizmiaz Records)

Concerts Annoncés

Vendredi 8 Décembre

Gravats + Tøcard!à Dimanche Bistrot (Rennes)

The Casualties + Broken Bomb + Pavasse à la Salle Emeraude (Breissure - 79)

Samedi 9 Décembre

Forest In Blood + Broken Bomb + Offensive  + Recedant Somnia au Skumenn Brewpub (Cesson-Sévigné)

Slim Wild Boar à Dimanche Bistrot (Rennes)

Festival Mass Toc En Stock à Bonjour Minuit (Saint Brieuc)

Dimanche 10 Décembre

The Casualties + Broken Bomb + Pavasse au Ferailleur (Nantes)

Vendredi 15 Décembre 2023

Hard Mind + Getting Low + The Kicks au Ty Anna (Rennes)

Toxic Rites + Basseville au Babzula (Rennes)

Vendredi 21 & Samedi 22 Juin 2024

Superbowl of Hardcore Festival