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Concerts annoncés

Mercredi 1 février Trivium + Heaven Shall Burn L'Olympia (Paris)
Vendredi 3 février Trivium + Heaven Shall Burn Le Tranbordeue (Lyon)
Vendredi 3 février Toxxic TV Le Barrailleur (Vannes)
Samedi 11 février Ten56 + Ashen+ Argue (Release Party) L'Hydrophone (Lorient)
Vendredi 10 &
Samedi 11 Mars
Jean Yves LaFest #4 Salle Emmeraude (Breissure)
Dimanche 12 Mars

Lion's Law + Hard Mind (Release Party) +
Sanctuary + Entertain The Terror + Grunt!

L'Etage (Rennes)
Vendredi 30 juin &
Samedi 1 Juillet
Superbowl of Hardcore Open Air 2023 Au Jardin Modern (Rennes)



Verne - Keep Hope Alive
Anti-Flag - Imperialism (Spinefarm Records)
The Meffs - Wasted On Women (Bottles To The Ground / Fat Wreck Chords)
Toxxic TV - Drowning Man (Dialektik Records)
Bad Taste - Pandémie
Form Rank - Crazy (Dune Altar)
Discreet - King Heroin (Convulse Records)
En Love - Wet Cement (Delayed Gratification Records)
Dead City - LA After Midnight
End It - Familia Finito (Flatspot Records)
Planet on a Chain - Delusion (Revelation Records)
Pain Of Truth - The Test (Daze)
Short Fuse - Illusion (New Age Records)
Knuckledust - Burning Fight (GSR Music)
Borstal - No Surrender (Rucktion Records)
Hard Mind - Endless Fall (Useless Pride Records /Death Farm Records)
Soulprison - Legacy Of Pain (Warriors Records / Nuclear Family Records)
Heaven Shall Burn - Pillars of Serpents
Argue - Ephemeral Paths Divider
Doomsday - Attaining Heaven By Force (Creator-Destructor Records)
Lahar - Čas Lámání Chleba (Doomentia Records)
Ättestor - The Great White Male
Flower - Parasite (Profane Existence)
Crutches - Create To Destroy (Phobia Records / Not Enough / Profane Existence)
Deadform - Crawling Chaos (Brainsand)
Antigama - Disasters (Selfmadegod Records)
Sickrecy - Voice Your Opinion (Selfmadegod Records)
Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean - Decadence In The House Of Rats
Mauvaise Foi - Tu Danses Comme Margouillat
Parabellum - Dernier Trocson