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Concerts annoncés

Vendredi 11 Novembre Rancœur + Demain Au Melody Maker (Rennes)
Samedi 12 Novembre We Are the Reptilians + Hollbat Au Ty Anna (Rennes)



Utopie - Ville fantôme (Les Chœurs de l’ennui / Symphony of Destruction / Don't Trust The Hype Recordz)
Hævner - For Sent (Symphony of Destruction)
Rancœur - Rancœur (Offside Records / Maloka / Fire And Flames Music / Mass Prod / Rusty Knife Records)
Girls In Synthesis - Watch With Mother (Own It Music)
Sloy - Pop (Nineteen Something)
Unsane - Vandal-X (Lamb Unlimited)
Witch Fever - Snare (Music for Nations)
Militarie Gun - Let Me Be Normal (Loma Vista Recordings)
The Bobby Lees - Monkey Mind (Ipecac Recordings)
Suzi Moon - Dumb & In Luv (Pirates Press)
Suck - Gravedigger (La pochette surprise records)
Punitive Damage - Bottom Feeder (Atomic Action Records)
Lasso - Nêmesis (Static Shock Records)
Abyecta - Enemigos de la Raz​ó​n (Symphony of Destruction)
War//Plague - Subterfuge (Phobia Records)
Nervy - Volavka (Hardcore For The LosersHigh Forehead)
Show Me the Body - We Came to Play (Loma Vista Recordings)
Caged - Under The Eagle's Claws (Ugly and Proud Records
Point of Contact - Silence (Street of Hate)
Inclination - Thoughts and Prayers (Pure Noise Records)
Last Orders HC - Chicken Nuggets, Chips 'N' Beans
Law of Power - Born Into War (Flatspot Records)
Gaijin - Kunai (Barbaric Brutality)
Mean Mug    Built From Suffering (Rats Ass Records)
Denial of Life - Asphyxiation
Dead Cross - Reign of Error (Ipecac Recordings)
Cloud Rat - Cusp (Artoffact Records)
Deadbody - Without Honor (Closed Casket Activities)
Ground - Tastemaker (Hibernation Release)
Teething - Roach Apartment (Selfmadegod Records)
Hollbat - Edith Crashed