#31 - Avec Poison Gift

120 mn
#31 - Avec Poison Gift

Concerts annoncés

Mercredi 28 septembre Poisoned Gift + Elephants + Rough Ground Au Ty Anna (Rennes)
Vendredi 30 septembre Ectoplasm + VCNCS + Grunt! A l'Uzine (Rennes)
Samedi 1 octobre Festival Les Lunatiques A l'Espace Le Goffic (Pacé)
Dimanche 9 octobre Hostile + Reflex + VCNCS Au Gazoline (Rennes)
Samedi 15 octobre Disgust + Thrashtalk + Poisoned Gift A La Fontaine de Brocéliande  (Saint Péran)


Brigada Flores Magon - Immortels (Machete Production)
Skinhead - Dead Skinhead (Closed Casket Activities)
The Chats - I've Been Drunk In Every Pub In Brisbane (Bargain Bin Records)
Electric Frankenstein - Action High (TNSrecords)
Christmas - Blatant Ignorance (TNSrecords)
Atterkop - Use It (Pumpkin Records)
Raw Brigade - Aggressive City (Cash Only Records)
Irreal - Segurata De TMB (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Sissyfit - Toxic by Britney Spears
VCNCS - Obedient [A.C.A.B]
Grunt! - Eradicate
Zanjeer - Taliban Murdabad (Symphony of Destruction)
Moral Bombing - German Angst (Room 11 Records)
Deep X Cut - Αλλεργία
Exil - Chaos (Adult Crash)
Take It To Heart - As Flowers Wilt (Safe Inside Records)
Life's Question - Mellow My Mind (Triple-B Records)
Mindforce  - Words Fail (Triple-B Records)
Underground Society - Self Change
Poisoned Gift - Dirty Hands
Rough Ground - No More Pressure (Youth Autoriry Records)
Elephants - Death
Calcine    Denial (Out of Thunes Records)
Poisoned Gift - Overnight
Speed - Another Toy (Flatspot Records)
Kind Eyes - Us Vs Them (Upstate Records)
Venom Prison - Officer Down (Century Media Records)
Teethgrinder - Worthless (Lifeforce Records)
A Knife In The Dark - Glass (Bitter Melody Records)
Cult Leader - Ataraxis (Closed Casket Activities / Deathwish Inc)
End - The Host Will Soon Decay (Closed Casket Activities / Deathwish Inc)
Ingrina - Now (A Tant Rêver Du Roi)
Carriegoss - Outrance