120 mn

Pour cette émission un première partie Hardcore Mélo, post hardcore et même emo et ensuite une seconde plus Hardcore et Crossver Thash. Mais tout de suite on commence punk même Oi / Street Punk

Concers annoncés

Jeudi 16 Juin Enforced + Anger Issues Au Ty Anna (Rennes)
Vendredi 1 & Samedi 2 Juillet Superbowl of Hardcore Open Air Au Jardin Moderne (Rennes)
Du Vendredi 5 au Dimanche 7 Aout Macumba Open Air Festival Ercée-en-Lamé (35)



Crashed Out - Against all Odds (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)
Defiance - Left for Dead (Voltage Records)
Neurotic Outsiders - Feelings Are Good (Supermegabot)
UltraBomb - Stickman vs Hangman    
The Venomous Pinks  - Apothecary Ailment (SBÄM)
A Wilhelm Scream - GIMMETHESHAKES (Creator-Destructor Records)
Hot Water Music - Collect Your Things and Run (End Hits Records)
Slow Jams - Keep Your Warnings (White Russian Records / i.corrupt Records)
Praise - Life Unknown (Revelation Records)
Overo - It Won't Be Pretty (Middle-Man Records, Strictly No Capital Records, Pundonor Records, Zilpzalp Records)
These Arms Are Snakes - Camera Shy (Suicide Squeeze Records)
Blind Girls - The Shape of Harm (Zegema Beach Records)
Point Mort - La bienveillance des faux… (Almost Famous)
Tvivler - Livsform på tvangsauktion (Fysisk Format)
Nine Of Swords - Joan (Quiet Year Records)
God Mother - Di$ney Jail
One Step Closer    Pringle Street (Run For Cover Records)
Be Well - Treadless (End Hits Records)
Enact - Redefined (War Records)
Moral Law - The Looming End (New Age Records)
Rough Ground - Regain Control (Youth Authority Records)
Ill Vision - Vulture
Sick Nerves - Liar Spell (Taste Of Mind)
Anger Issues - Ordeal (Taste Of Mind)
Enforced - Malignance (Century Media Records)
Siberian Meat Grinder - One United Family (Destiny Records)
Nerve Damage - Drip Fed. Misled. (Last Ride Records)
Simulakra - Follow The Flies (Daze)
Mars Red Sky - Crazy Hearth (Listenable Records)