#25 - Spécial Superbowl of Hardcore

120 mn
#25 - Spécial Superbowl o


Concerts annoncés

Mercredi 27 Avril Prophetic Scourge + Tempt Fate
A l'Amok (Rennes)
Maudit Dragon + Glen Football + Sticky Snake
Au Ty Anna (Rennes)
Vendredi 29 Avril Verbal Razors
A la Trinquette
Sweet Monsters + Violet Squad + Underground Therapy
Au Doujezu
Samedi 30 Avril Circles + Metrö
Au Melody Maker (Rennes)
Burning Heads +Toxxic TV + Del-Rio
Au Strummer Café - Pannonica (Nantes)
Dimanche 1 Mai Burning Heads au Coquelicot (Fougéres)  
Dimanche 8 Mai Maid of Ace + The Mochines
Au AK Shellter (St Herblain)
Vendredi 3 juin Warm Up Superbowl of Hardcore
A la Brasserie Skumen (Cesson-Sévigné)
Vendredi 1 &
Samedi 2 Juillet
Superbowl of Hardcore
Au Jardin Moderne (Rennes)




Violet Squad - Perfect Girl
Maudit Dragon - Charançons de la gloire (No Way Asso / La Société Pue Prod / Perce-Oreille)
Maid of Ace - Nostalgia
Burning Heads - Endless loop (in my head) (Opposite Prod / Kicking Records)
Circles - Time for livin'
Verbal Razors - Lazer (Metro Beach / Dirty Guys Rock / Emergence Records / Crapoulet Records / Crustatombe records)
Tempt Fate - Diaphragm
Hard Mind - God's Hate (FWH Records / Do Or Die Records / Mass Prod)
Last Wishes - UTH (Daze / The Coming Strife Records)
Connard - Revenge (Hardcoretrooper Records)
Arkangel - Within the Walls of Babylon (GSR Music)
Morning Again - Turning Over
Scowl - Bloodhound (Flatspot Records)
Entertain the Terror - Free Hate (1054 Records)
Dirty Fingers - Straight from the Gang
Grove Street - Lessons of the Past
Dare - Violation of Trust (Revelation Records)
Judiciary - Temple (Closed Casket Activities)
Terror - Boundless Contempt (End Hits Records)
Skarhead - Destruction (Force 5 Records)
Guardrails - Yours Truly
Rain of Salvation - The Sound of Triumph (The Coming Strife Records)
Hostilities - Quit Crutching (Bullet Tooth)
Kublai Khan TX - Taipan (Rise Records)
Terror - You're Caught (Century Media Records)
Negative Frame - Freefall (The Coming Strife Records)
Field of Flames - Constructing a War Against You (Indecision Records)
Gridiron - No Good At Goodbyes (Triple B Records)
Traknard - Belzébuth

Equipe Superbowl