120 mn

On commence par une bonne dose de Rock N’ Roll, puis place au Riot grrrl. Ensuite du Hardcore pour partir ensuite vers le Thrash Metal / Crossover Thrash et finir sur du Metal / Deathcore


The Hellacopters - Reap a Hurricane (Nuclear Blast Records)
The Good The Bad and The Zugly - Nostradumbass (Fysisk Format)
The Bronx - Breaking News (Live) (Cooking Vinyl)
Charger - Rolling Through the Night (Pirates Press Records)
Clavicule - Rocket (live session)
Catisfaction - Cat Eat Dog (Destructure)
GRIT - Go Out (Une vie pour rien)
GASP - Gut that living thing
Illegal Leather - Raw Meat (Dead Beat Records)
Niis - Fuck You Boy
OUST - Fuck Your Band (Sabotage Records)
Kill Your Idols - Simple, Short, & Fast (Flatspot Records)
The Hope Conspiracy - Suicide Design (Deathwish)
Every Time I Die - AWOL (Epitaph Records)
Grove Street Families - Shift
Dirty Fingers - Straight from the Gang
Invocation - Rebirth
Comeback Kid - Crossed (Nuclear Blast Records)
Gloves Off - My Death Was a Banquet (Upstate Records)
Abrasion - Dios No Te Va Salvar (Indecision Records)
Siberian Meat Grinder - Into the Grinder (Destiny Records)
Lawnmower Deth - Into the Pit (Dissonance Productions)
Mentor - Equal in the Fire (Pagan Records)
Enforced - Curtain Fire (Century Media Records)
Great American Ghost - Kingmaker (MNRK Heavy)
Fit For An Autopsy - In Shadows (Nuclear Blast Records)
Coffin Feeder - Stereo Homicide
Circles - Just Like Heaven (Shield Recordings)