60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much",

du clip "chip" de Dragnet...

... à  la "superprod' " de Queens Of The Stone Age:

tout les rockers n'ont pas les mêmes budgets promo !

PROPAGANDA Duel A Secret Wish 1985
M(H)AOL Kim Is a Punk-Type Dog Attachment Styles 2023
MONONEGATIVES Testing Capability Crossing Visual Field 2023
BDRMM Pulling Stichess (single) 2023
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Emotion Sickness (single) 2023
NXTOFKIN Game Over Where Did We Go Wrong 2023
BLAIR GUN You're Not There Blaspheme Queen 2023
BLUR The Narcissist (single) 2023
OMD Enola Gay Peel Sessions (1979-1983) 2000
TORUL Willing To Connect End Less Dreams 2023
DRAGNET Strike The Accession 2023
HUMAN TETRIS Reminder Two Rooms 2023
CLOTH Never Know Secret Measure 2023
SEX MEX Pills We're a Happy Family  2023
BRONTEZ  PURNELL  Jaboukie (single) 2023