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Places pour Les 3 Mousquetaires, albums de The Opposition, City Kay, Glass Museum, places pour Afroberat Paty , Beach Party et Apéritif-concert à l'Ubu !

Jeudi 17 mai à 22h30

12h30 les 19, 20 et 21/04 sur Canal B

Du lundi au vendredi à 14h, la Compagnie La Morsure propose ses feuilletons quotidiens !

RDV 17h jeudi 22.03 en direct du Festival Les Embellies 2018

du 7 au 9/12

Le Bruit qui Court
Le Bruit qui Court

Actualité et vieilleries électro hip hop dub.

Annonces concert et cadeaux (des fois...)

Playlist et émission du 16 février 2010 (la dernière)

Emission en écoute :




Playlist Bruit qui court 16 février 2010 (dernière)


BK-One “Tema do canibal feat the hypnotic brass ensemble”-Radio Do canibal 2010

BK-One “Gititit feat. Slug et Brother Ali”-Radio Do canibal 2010

BK-One “Mega feat. Aceyalone, Myka 9 et Abstract rude”-Radio Do canibal 2010

Felt “Bass for your truck”- Felt 3 : a tribute to Rosie Perez 2010

Felt “Henrietta longbottom”- Felt 3 : a tribute to Rosie Perez 2010

La coka nostra “Bloody Sunday feat. Big left et Sen dog”-A brand you can trust 2009

La coka nostra “Bang bang feat. Snoop dogg”-A brand you can trust 2009

Beat Assaillant “Rhyme space continum”- Rhyme space continuum 2009

Beat Assaillant “ Underground railroad”- Rhyme space continuum 2009

People under the stairs “Hit the top”-Carried away 2009

People under the stairs “Check the vibe”-Carried away 2009

Mos Def “The tournament”-Inédite en téléchargement gratuit içi

Grayskul  “Duece duece”-Graymaker 2009

Blockhead “The music scene”- The music scene 2009

Blockhead “Tricky turtle”- The music scene 2009

RJD2 “Let There Be Horns”-The colossus 2009

RJD2 “Small Plans”-The colossus 2009

Flying lotus “Ancestors”- Inédite en téléchargement gratuit içi

Natural Self “Believer”-My Heart beats like a drum 2009

Liléa narrative “Cut vice”- Inédite en téléchargement gratuit myspace



Quelques liens pour vous informez sur les sorties indépendantes au cas où :



Playlist et émission du 20 Octobre 2009

Emission en écoute :



Breakestra “No matter where you go”-Dusk till dawn 2009

Brother Ali “Crown Jewell”-Us 2009

Brother Ali “The travelers”-Us 2009

Wax Tailor “Sit and listen”-In the mood for life 2009

Wax Tailor “Say yes (feat. ASM)”-In the mood for life 2009

Abdominal “Breathe later”-Escape from a pigeon hole 2007

Abdominal “Pedal pusher”-Escape from a pigeon hole 2007

Camu Tao “When you’re going down”- Definitive Jux IV 2009

Hail mary mallon “D-up (feat. Aesop rock, Rob sonic and dj big wiz)”-Definitive Jux IV 2009

Sol.illaquists of Sound “Berlin”-As if we existed 2006 En concert le 4/12 Parc Expo Hall 9

Mongrel “Hit from the morning sun”-Better than heavy 2009

Antipop consortium “Shine”-Fluorescent Black 2009

Antipop consortium “Volcano (Four tet remix)”-Fluorescent Black 2009 Titre disponible en téléchargement gratuit içi

Speech Debelle “Speech therapy”- Speech therapy 2009

Qwel and Maker “Friend or foe”-So be it 2009

Mochipet “It ain't trickin if ya got it”-Master P on atari 2009

Filastine “Desordenador”-Dirty bomb 2009

Breakestra “Posed to be (feat. Chali 2na, Mix Master Wolf & DJ Dusk)”-Dusk till dawn 2009


Playlist et émission du 6 Octobre 2009


Emission en écoute:



Esser “ Headlock ”-Braveface 2009

Dizzee Rascal  “Can't Tek No More”- Tongue N’cheek 2009

Wax Tailor “B-boy on wax (feat. Speach defect)”-In the mood for life 2009

Wax Tailor “No pity”-In the mood for life 2009

Cunninlynguists “Nothing but strangeness (feat. Looptroop rockers and hilltop hoods)”-Strange journey volume 1 2009

Cunninlynguists “Hypnotized (feat. Packfm and club dub)-Strange journey volume 1 2009

Awol one and factor-Brains out (feat. Xzibit and B-real) (dj fingaz remix)-Owl hours 2009

Sugahspank “The incredible”-The invisble the incredible 2009

Antipop consortium “Reflections”-Fluorescent Black 2009

Antipop consortium “Volcano”-Fluorescent Black 2009

The Slew (Kid Koala entre autre) “Its all over”-100% album en téléchargement gratuit içi

The Slew (Kid Koala entre autre) “Wrong side of the tracks”-100% album en téléchargement gratuit içi

Sol.illaquists of Sound “Property & malt liquor”-As if we existed 2006 (en concert aux transmusicales 2009)

Sol.illaquists of Sound “Gotham city chase scene”-No more heroes 2009

Brother Ali “The preacher”-Us 2009

Brother Ali “Bestatit”-Us 2009

Mos Def “Revelations”-The ecstatic 2009

1000 names “Monobinate”-Toys room combat 2009

Lord Newborn and the magic skulls “She’s my melody” s/t 2009

Lord Newborn and the magic skulls “Ringa ding ding ding” s/t 2009

Filastine “The sinking ship”-Dirty bomb 2009



Playlist Le Bruit qui court

1 / Sly & Robbie - Billie Jean Taxi Gang Version

2 / Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls - Astro Blue

3 / Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls - Dime Bag Conspiration

4 / Massive Attack - Pray For Rain

5 / Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom

6 / Django Django - Strom

7 / Major Lazer - Baby (Switch Remix)

8 / Major Lazer - Pon de Floor

9 / Dubkasm - Babylon Ambush (Iration Steppas Remix)

10 / Stand High - Addict TV

11 / Stand High - Business Of  War

12 / Shafiq Husayn - Lil Girl Feat. Fatima

13 / Box Cutter - Otherside Remix (Earth Is My Spaceship)

14 / Box Cutter - Lamp Post Funk

15 / Dread Foxx - Kingston Dub

16 / Evidence - I Say You Say (I Need You)

17 / 16 Bit - M De Mosley

18 / Dub Crooks - Malfunction

19 / Caspa & Soundproof - Bring The Lights Down (Caspa Remix)


Playlist du 8 septembre 2009


Emission en écoute:



Playlist du 8 septembre 2009



The Sweet vandals “Again stupidity”-Lovelite 2009

Aceyalone “Lonely ones (feat Bionik) ”-The lonely ones 2009

Q-Tip “Heels”-Kamaal the abstract 2009

Jazz Liberatorz “Capture your mind”-Fruit of the past 2009

Jazz Liberatorz “Mountain Sunlight (feat Mos Def)”-Fruit of the past 2009

Mos def “Supermgic”-The Ecstatic 2009

Mos def “Twilite Speedball”-The Ecstatic 2009

Mr Lif “What about us”-I heard it today 2009

Busdriver “M-time (with the pulmonary palimpsest)”-Jhelli Beam 2009

Speech Debelle “Spinnin”-Speech Therapy 2009

Curse ov dialect “Bird cage alert”-Wooden Tongues 2006

Copperpot “I put a what”-Wyla ? 2006

Copperpot “Blow”-Wyla ? 2006

Qwel and Maker “Back stage pass”-So be it 2009

Qwel and Maker “Paper dolls”-So be it 2009

Chali 2na “Get focused”-Fish outta water 2009

Chali 2na “Lock shit down (feat Talib Kweli)”-Fish outta water 2009

POS “Been afraid”-Never better 2009

Flevans “27 Devils”-27 Devils 2009

Chris Joss “Discotheque dancing”-You’ve been spiked 2004


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