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Canal B en direct du festival Travelling 2019

Enregistrement d'une émission spéciale dans la bibliothèque du Triangle le mardi 29 janvier

Réecoutez les émissions 'Trans Fera Express' du 6 au 8 décembre!


Rock'n'roll, garage, blues, country, bluegrass, gospel et cheval blanc mon amour.

Tous les samedis de 11.30 pétantes environ à 13.00 précises.

Playlist 26.01.2013

1.Raja ptta Jat "Huikon Lavalla"
2.The Fadeaways "inside out"
3.The Nightyfervers "R'n'R"
4.Justin townes Earles " slipping and slidin"
5.Hipbone Slim "back to jungle"
6.TEX Napalm "stock"
7.Tom Bodlin "sorry"
8.James Chance "dislocation"
9.Vernon selavy the way it goes"
10.Al Shapiro"24 or 6 to 4"
11.BennyJoy " Hight School Baby "
12.Buck Griffin "watching the 7.10 roll by "
13.The Swinging Blue jean " Happy shake"
14.Diggers & the pussycats"save yourself"
15.Captain Beefheart "bat chain puller"
16.William Elliot Whitmore "there hope for you"
17.Granpaboy "vampires and failure"
18.Mary jane hooper "i've got reason"
19. Charles Caldwell "Hadn't i been good to U"
20. I'M A BAND "Pushing Up Daisy"
21. Waine Curtis "PuddyCat "
22.Greg Stackhouse Prevost "too much junk"
23.The strong Comon's "Shout"
24.Justin cusak " so the wind ..."

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